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We create the very first Collectible Deck-Building Card Game utilizing Blockchain Technology. The current gaming situation WILL be disrupted. Join the journey by signing up and experience firsthand how history is written.

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1 of 3 Limited First Edition cards


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New Game Genre

Experience a glorious mash-up of traditional Trading Card Game style battles with in-game deckbuilding mechanics. Combining thrilling matches with fair strategic gameplay in a Battle Royale tournament for Your glory.

Real Rewards in Ranked

Your effort put into a game should be rewarded with real value - so this one does. Strive to become top ranked each season and get Your respective share of the price pool. Ranks depend entirely on Your skill, no pay-to-win mechanics here.

Blueprints Crafting

Become an artisan and craft unique Blueprints for cosmetics and skins. Use them Yourself or develop Your skill as a merchant and sell them to others. Only You are in control of the quality, quantity, pricing and who to sell to. Forever - because blockchain.

Why Blockchain Technology?

Enjoy cheat-proof ranked and tournament style games with safeguards for fairness and Your rewards. Grow by collecting, sharing, and selling Your provably rare items for real value - for ever.